New Service time is 9am as of 11/6/16

Why 9am?

We’re glad you asked.  Because of our change in landlords, we were given the option of 9am or 10am.  Based on our mission and the best way to serve (not please) our community of faith, we chose the 9am time.  There are benefits and challenges with either time.  However, these are the benefits of turning to the 9am time that carried the most weight (not in any particular order of importance).

1.  When our people had the choice of 8:45am and 10:30am during our two service period the overwhelming majority chose 8:45am.
2.  We know of many people from branches who have not been gathering with us because of the difficulty throughout the year of parking.  9am is the best time for parking.
3.  Especially as a church for people that don’t go to church, our heart breaks knowing that there will be unchurched people that go to a great effort to join us for the first time and can’t because of parking.

4. For those of us with young kids or teenagers that like to sleep, it will be more difficult.  However, we are able to get them to school so we can get them and ourselves to the Harbor by 9am if we want.
5.  Some families can’t join us because of sports commitments, family commitments, etc on Sundays.  If we meet at 9am that increases the possibility of an obstacle being removed and them developing a habit or fulfilling their desire to join in worship with other believers.
6. People with babies that have not been able to join us because of nap times will be more able to make it happen at 9am.
7. In a culture that values a full day off, giving the impression that they will have the rest of the day to play after worship is appealing and freeing.  Gathering together can be a catalyst, setting the tone for the rest of their Sabbath day.

There is also a list that can be made for the 10am time.  It would be a good list too.
However, we had to make the decision for the best time.  We chose 9am.
If we were wrong, we trust He will make that known.  See you at 9am.