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All of these with their minds in full agreement

devoted themselves steadfastly to prayer

Acts 1:14  (Amplified Version)

Beginning at 12am on Friday, September 13th we pray!

Join us by taking a 15 minute span of time, or more, and committing to pray with us. Together we can cover the entire 24 hour period.

Click the button to choose your time.


As you sign up for a time to pray – remember that we do this ‘together’, in “full agreement”. 

Huh?  What do you mean by this?  How should I pray during my time?  

The Bible used the language of unity as “one accord,” “one heart,” “one mind.”  This is all biblical language for unity. Jesus prayed that we would be one. In his longest prayer in John 17, he says, “Father, I pray that they would be one as we are one.” Let us pray what Jesus prayed.  Let us be One with Him.

  • During this time you can have your Bible opened to this passage in Acts 1:14-15 and John 17. 
  • You can ask God that you can be as one with those people who are before and after you on the 24 hours of prayer google doc.   
  • Consider praying with your head looking up to symbolize knowing that as we all look at Him we are unified, in agreement.  

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said “It is in fact the most normal thing in the common Christian life to PRAY together.”