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Every other year, we have a Branches All Church Retreat. The vision for this retreat is creating a space we can be together in for a full weekend. We want to be both resting together and serving together. This means we will have a specific group service project we will be working on together as a church, but we will also have plenty of free time and intentional rest time. This is a twofold retreat, intended to both rest us spiritually and to grow and challenge us in service.

We picked Forest Home because it is specific to our church. Our kids come here several times a year on retreat, and this is an awesome opportunity to pray over and rest in the same place our kids grow in.

The theme for this retreat is Breathe. Though we will be serving a few hours each day, we will be very focused on learning to breathe and reflect. We trust in God when we says that as we serve together it connects us and ties us, and so it is our prayer that this weekend will be full of new connections and deeper bonds. There will everything from devotions and worship sessions focused on Christ, to hang out time, outdoor recreation, and lip-sync battles.

We hope you will consider joining us for this beautiful weekend of family time at Forest Home.

The cost will be $70 dollars per person, which will go to cover the cost of room and board. Children under the age of two will be free. Questions contact Nyssa McCarthy.

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