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Boog Rose
Boog RoseLead Shepherd
He’s married to Stephany and they have 3 children left here on earth: Keaton 16, Zeke 14, Charis 11. In 2009, God put a clear calling on their family to accept the call of being sent out by the Shoreline Church to care for the last, the lost, and the least by planting Branches. They are an outdoorsy family that looks for excuses to be at the beach or the mountains. But, they are not afraid to watch good movies and eat and drink with family and friends.
Kim Duran
Kim DuranExecutive Pastor
Originally from Idaho, Kim started at Branches simply to grow in her faith and love others. Next thing you know, we’ve roped her into being the boss of our staff and the happenings at Branches. She’s the one who oversees our goal to empower the people to lead and serve at Branches. She’s married to Joey D and they have 2 children: Donevan 10, Porter 5. Why do this? She says, “I love watching the light turn on in someone’s eyes when they realize how much they are truly loved, and seeing that love translated into seeking how their gifts can serve others. I’m always willing to shake things up if that’s what the Lord is calling me to do.”
Brynn Rydquist
Brynn RydquistFamily Pastor
Aside from Brynn’s passion for Salsa dancing, her life is about her faith, her husband Stephan, and the other boy in her life – her son Noah. As with most of our staff at Branches, Brynn started by serving. However, her gifts led us to ask her to lead our families and their children. She still leads as a servant.
Nyssa McCarthy
Nyssa McCarthyAssistant Events Coordinator
Originally from Pennsylvania, Nyssa is a Concordia graduate and will be helping to lead this years Around-the-World Semester with a whole new group of college students. She has jumped all in with our Branches family and helps to keep us on track and organized with her positive attitude, thoughtful perspectives, and serious attention to detail. She is joyous in her decision to follow Christ and we have found her heart for loving His people to be contagious.
John Vertin
John VertinCreative Director
Blessed and bearded student of God carrying a D+ grade average with an A for effort. I grew up having to learn most things on my own and have made that hardship my gift. I believe in doing it yourself even if it takes twice as long and costs twice as much…simply because we are here to learn. My passions include pretty much anything I can make with my hands, be it food, furniture, art, or working on my land cruiser. Proud papa to Ellie Jean and Zoey Mae and married to my best friend Jessica. We are a hardworking family who loves the outdoors and traveling as much as we can. You may hear people call me Hairspray…I’ll tell you the tale one day.
Jeremy and Hoku Clements
Jeremy and Hoku ClementsArts and Worship Architects
Jer and Hoku decided to serve at Branches in the early days because they felt they had become ‘too comfortable’. That’s the type of family they are. This is how Hoku describes herself, “Wife of hunky worship architect (sorry, ladies). Mom and professional unfolder of 3 beautiful miracles. Hawaiian transplant. Recovering perfectionist. Passionate about the unique power of music to reveal inside of us what we cannot say or name, to connect us to the love and Spirit of God in a way no other medium can. Honored and humbled beyond words to share in the work God is doing in this church and The Church.” Jer’s elder description is below.
Tyler Payne
Tyler PayneA Humble Worship Guy
Tyler makes teeth so that he can lead worship. TPayne made a commitment some time ago that he would do his best to say yes to anyone who asked him to share his gift of music in worship. He said yes to Branches and we are the better for it.

Leadership Team

Russ Landreth
Russ LandrethElder
I’m married to my high school sweetheart, have 2 grown daughters, both married, and 6 grandchildren! We love time spent with our family and friends and enjoy traveling both nationally and internationally. Having spent my career in business management, we now are investing in vulnerable children in Cambodia and Mexico.
Rich Roge
Rich RogeElder
Rich is a true servant. He’s always pitching in to help, whether it’s heavy lifting, opening his home to host, or setting aside time to sit with other men and read the Bible. He is a devoted husband and father. As our most recent addition to the Branches Elder Board we see God using Rich throughout our community.
Boog Rose
Boog RoseLead Elder
He’s married to Stephany and they have 3 children left here on earth: Keaton 14, Zeke 12, Charis 8. In 2009, God put a clear calling on their family to accept the call of being sent out by the Shoreline Church to care for the last, the lost, and the least. He’s the Lead Shepherd at Branches.