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Find your people.


 We consider the Groups at Branches our church and Sunday mornings are the gathering of those churches. We believe that growth, relationship, serving, and care primarily happen within and out of these groups. If you are not currently in a group fellowship, we strongly encourage you to visit one with the intention of belonging. Click below to learn more find a group that could fit.



Children are the centerpiece of our efforts. D.L. Moody, a famous preacher, had come back from a tent revival meeting where he reported that 2 1/2 people were saved. Whoever he was talking to replied, “You mean, two adults and one child?” D.L. Moody responded, “No, two children and one adult. When you save a child, you save a life—a whole life.” When an adult is transformed that is only half of their life. For that reason we place a priority on the kids and our efforts to share with them the reckless love of Jesus. Every child should know God's love for them. To learn more, click the button below.



The transition from childhood to adolescence brings about major change physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. The study of adolescence is constantly shifting, but evidence suggests that beliefs, values, and habits taught early on will prove to guide youth into adulthood with the capabilities and desire to continue in a relationship with God. For this reason, we place high value in creating a space and tribe for these teens to navigate this stage of life. To learn more about our middle school ministry, click the button below. 



"Who am I? Where do I belong? Why am I here?" These questions begin in adolescence and can continue for a lifetime. These questions keep teenagers awake at night. These questions drive teenagers to make decisions that have negative consequences. These questions propel teenagers into social groups they might have never chosen before. This is why the role of high school ministry matters. Our approach is that older followers of Jesus should walk along teenagers to let them know they are loved by God, created perfectly, belong to Him, and live a life full under His direction.  To learn more about our high school ministry, click the button below. 


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